Warranty Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Application of the Terms)

These terms set forth the basic terms and conditions applicable to the various warranty services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") provided by MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company", “we” or “us”). These terms are valid only for products purchased directly from the Company or its authorized retailers. These terms do not impose any limitations on your legal rights.
We will provide the Services to you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “customer”) in accordance with these terms, so we kindly request that you agree to these terms at the time of product purchase before using the Services.

Article 2 (Definition)

Products eligible for the Services (hereinafter referred to as the "Subject Products") are those that have been purchased directly from the Company or its authorized retailers and are recognized by the Company as having malfunctioned. Failures of consumables and accessories are excluded from the scope of this Services. The warranty period for Subject Products is one year from the date of shipment by the Company or its authorized retailer.
"Repair" refers to the process of replacing malfunctioning parts with repair performance parts (as described in Article 9) to restore or maintain the functionality and performance expected by the Company for Subject Products. This includes work undertaken at the Company's discretion to ensure the safety, functionality, and performance of the Company's products, regardless of the customer’s repair request content.
In addition to these terms and conditions, please note that the Company may, in its reasonable judgment and discretion, decline your request if the Company is unable to provide this Ser

Article 3 (Procedures)

In the event of requesting repairs from the MOTHER Support Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Support Center"), please contact the Support Center by phone or email, regardless of whether it is within or beyond the warranty period. After contacting the Support Center, submit a repair request through the designated application method specified by our company. We will conduct a diagnostic assessment based on the information provided by you.
For those having unique warranties, extended warranties, or other similar services offered by retailers or third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Retailers"), please independently confirm the eligibility of these services for our products with the Retailers before applying for our services. Utilizing these unique services through our company is not available.             

Article 4 (Warranty Repair Procedure)

If a malfunction occurs in the Subject Product due to material defects or manufacturing defects recognized by the Company, and the customer has used the product in accordance with the instruction manual and other precautions, repairable within the warranty period, the customer can request a repair free of charge through the application method specified by the Company. We will perform complimentary repairs for the target product based on the contents stated in the warranty. At our discretion, we may replace the target product with a product of equivalent performance instead of providing complimentary repairs.
In situations where the Company determines that the reasons listed below are applicable even within the warranty period, the repair will be chargeable as it falls outside the scope of the warranty:
1) Malfunction or damage resulting from usage conditions that do not comply with the instruction manual and other precautions (including usage abroad).
2) Malfunction or damage caused by misuse, modification, or unauthorized repair.
3) Malfunction or damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and other external factors such as abnormal voltage, lightning, etc.
4) Absence of the warranty certificate.
5) Absence of a purchase proof (receipt, delivery note, etc.) for the Subject Product, or if the purchase date, customer name, and store name cannot be verified in the document. Alternatively, if the document has been altered.
6) Unidentifiable barcode and serial number on the Subject Product.
7) Consumable parts such as batteries or protective coatings that can reasonably be expected to deteriorate over time (unless the damage is caused by material defects or manufacturing defects).
8) Cosmetic damages (including, but not limited to, scratches, dents, broken plastic parts of the port area, except where the damage is caused by material defects or manufacturing defects).
9) Malfunction or damage caused by using third-party components or products that do not meet the product specifications.
10) Damage resulting from services (upgrades, expansions, etc.) by parties other than our authorized agents or official service providers.
11) Unauthorized modification of the product without written permission from our company.
12) Malfunction or damage resulting from normal wear and tear or natural aging.
13) Unidentifiable or deleted serial number on the product.
14) False statements regarding the cause of the malfunction.
15) If the Company obtains information from relevant public authorities that the product is stolen, or if the customer cannot disable security measures (such as passcodes) designed to prevent unauthorized access to the product, and cannot prove through any means (such as presenting a purchase receipt) that they are the legitimate user of the product.
The customer is responsible for the shipping fees or any charges for on-site repair services when sending the product for free repair. The return shipping costs after the repair will be covered by the Company.
The warranty period outlined in Article 2 (one year from the date of shipment by the Company or an authorized retailer) remains applicable, and no extension is granted despite free repair, including product replacement.
Ensure to keep the warranty certificate, as it cannot be reissued.
Free repairs, including acceptance and processing, will be carried out at our Support Center, and presenting the warranty certificate for free repairs at locations other than the Company's Support Center may not be accepted.

Article 5 (Repairs Outside the Warranty Period)

Paid repair services may be provided for products beyond the warranty period or meeting the conditions outlined in the preceding section, as they are not covered by free repair services.

Article 6 (Repairs Outside the Warranty Period)

For paid repairs, the Company will assess the feasibility and inform you of the estimated cost. With your approval of the estimated amount, we will proceed with the repair. In situations where the repair is found to be impossible, we will notify you.

Article 7 (Payment Methods for Repairs)

The payment methods for repair and other charges are as follows. In either case, payment should be completed through the prescribed procedures with our designated service provider. Please note any service usage fees will be charged to the customer.
・Cash on Delivery
・Credit Card Payment

Article 8 (Warranty for Repairs)

If, within 90 days from the date of our completion of the repair and during the warranty period outlined in Article 2 (one year from the date of shipment by the Company or an authorized retailer), there is a request for re-repair through our designated application method, and we acknowledge that the same malfunction at the same location as the previously repaired one has occurred, requiring re-repair, we will perform free re-repair.
Even within the aforementioned period, repairs for products falling under the conditions specified in Article 4 will be subject to a fee. Whether there is a malfunction, the necessity of re-repair, and the applicability to the conditions specified in Article 4 for re-repair will be determined by the Company.
The returned product or replacement device will be returned in the configuration it had at the time of the original purchase, with relevant updates applied. As part of this service, to prevent the product from reverting to previous software versions, we may install updates to the system software. Installation of system software updates may render third-party applications on the product incompatible or unusable. Customers are responsible for reinstalling all other software programs, data, and information. The repair and reinstallation of other software programs, data, and information are not covered by this service, and the Company is not obliged to provide these services.

Article 9 (Repair Performance Parts)

Repair Performance Parts refer to the components (new parts, substitute parts, or reused parts with equivalent functionality and performance) necessary to maintain the functionality and performance of the Subject Product.
The holding period for repair performance parts is determined for each specific product at our company. The repair support for the respective product will terminate upon the expiration of the holding period for repair performance parts.
In order to consistently provide the services and promote environmental conservation, we may, as deemed appropriate, use recycled or alternative parts in the repair process.

Article 10 (Removed Parts During the Repair Process)

In the event of paid or complimentary repairs, parts that are removed may be collected by the Company for recycling, analysis, or other purposes as deemed appropriate. At the point we collect these parts, the customer agrees to transfer ownership of the same parts to us without charge. The customer will not raise objections even if the parts are not returned.

Article 11 (Removed Parts During the Repair Process)

In the event that any of the following conditions apply, regardless of the reason, such as the customer's whereabouts being unknown, refusal of receipt, or other reasons, if 180 days have passed since the date we received the Subject Product, the customer is considered to have abandoned ownership of the said product. At that point, we may dispose of the product through our designated methods at our company or specified cooperating companies, and the customer will not raise objections.
・If there is no response from the customer regarding the estimate amount after it was provided. ・If, despite being informed of the estimate amount, the customer cancels the repair request and is unable to receive the product (including cases where it was sent to the address provided by the customer but not accepted).
・If, despite being informed about the return of the Subject Product or the receipt of a product with equivalent performance, the customer is unable to receive the product (including cases where it was sent to the address provided by the customer but not accepted).
In these cases, we and our specified cooperating companies may charge the customer for the storage and disposal costs incurred. Additionally, for out-of-warranty paid repairs, separate repair fees or other repair-related expenses may be charged.

Article 12 (Replacement or Rental Equipment During the Repair Duration)

Replacement or rental devices during the period we have your repair-requested item or its replacement, are not covered by this service, and we are not obligated to provide such items.

Article 13 (Suspension, Termination of the Service Provision)

We may suspend or terminate the provision of Services, either wholly or partially, at our reasonable discretion. In such cases, we shall not assume any responsibility for any damages occurred to customers as a result.

Article 14 (Change of Contact Information)

In the event of any changes to your address, phone number, or email address before the completion of the Service, you shall promptly notify the Company using the designated method for change. If postal items or other shipments are undeliverable due to an unclear destination, the Company will consider them delivered if they were sent to the address you provided. Additionally, emails sent by the Company that become undeliverable due to an unclear destination or internet-related issues, will be regarded as delivered if sent to the email address you provided.

Article 15 (Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information)

The Company shall not disclose the customer's personal information, or other confidential information obtained in connection with the repair for purposes other than the repair itself to any third parties.

Article 16 (Handling of Personal Information)

For the purpose of the use, procedures for disclosure, and joint use of personal information, please refer to the "Privacy Policy" on our website.

Article 17 (Damage Compensation)

We shall not assume any responsibility for any damages occurred to customers (including but not limited to damages arising from special circumstances, lost profits, third-party claims for damages, and damages resulting from the inability to use the subject product due to malfunctions or defects), excluding cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence on our part, in relation to the provision of this service.
In the cases where we assume liability for damages to the customer in relation to the provision of this service, our responsibility shall be limited to an amount equivalent to the value of the Subject Product. The value of the Subject Product is determined as its value at the time of the damage occurrence, considering the remaining value after devaluation over the period until the damage occurred and the lowest of the market price of an equivalent product at the time of damage occurrence.

Article 18 (Detection, Exclusion of Connections with Unlawful Entities)

In the event a customer is found to be associated with unlawful entities (as defined in Article 2, Section 2 of the Act on Prevention of Illegal Acts by Organized Crime Groups (hereinafter referred to as the "Crime Countermeasures Act"), including organized crime groups specified in Article 2, Section 2, their members, quasi-members, affiliated companies, and those posing as social activists, quasi-organized crime groups and etc.), the Company may suspend all or part of the service provision without any prior notice or notification, effective from the occurrence of such circumstances.

Article 19 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

In the event of any disputes arising under this agreement, they shall be exclusively submitted to the Tokyo District Court as the first-instance agreed-upon exclusive jurisdiction court.

Article 20 (Details of the Terms)

1) The terms and conditions at the time of applying for this service shall apply for the use of this service.
2) The interpretation and application of the Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
3) If one or more provisions specified in these terms are declared invalid by the competent court, said invalid provision(s) shall be automatically modified to the content that most closely resembles the intended effect of the invalid provision(s) and is legal and valid under applicable laws.
4) Matters not specified in these terms will be determined and discussed separately as needed.

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